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Tractor Yanmar AF16


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tractor Yanmar AF16
mini tractor
Yanmar AF16
tractor Yanmar
yanmar 4x4
Cena Brutto: 
19 300 zł
Cena Netto: 
15 691 zł
 Engine Power:    16 HP
 Drive:    4x4
 Engine:    Liquid-cooled diesel engine
 Front Tyre:    6-12
 Rear Tyre:    8,3-20
 Forward Gears:    8
 Reverse Gears:    8
 Number of cylinders:    3
 PTO shaft:    3 speeds
 Three Point Hitch:    Yes
 Detachable front axle drive:    -
  Locking differential:    Yes
 Other:    Reverse
 Gross Price:   19 300 PLN